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We are located:
  • About half (1/2) mile from the McLean Metro station (silver line).
  • Less than one (1) mile from Tysons Corner.
  • Directly next to the new and developing Highland District
  • 12 miles from downtown Washington, DC.
  • Convenient to all major highways.

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Office: 7681 Provincial Drive, McLean, VA 22102-7604

Online/GPS directions may lead guests to the back gate which is not accessible to non-residents. To avoid confusion, please provide guests the address for the front gate: 1775 Old Meadow Road, McLean, VA 22102.

Office Phone Number

(703) 827-8388


(703) 893-2484


[email protected]

Security Team Phone Number

(703) 790-8730

Community Map

The Colonies Map

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Please note The Colonies Office is closed on all Federal Holidays.

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Welcome Packet for New Residents

We would like to welcome you to The Colonies! Please complete the following forms and submit to the office when moving in.


Move-In Information

Moving Rules and Tips

No moves or deliveries may occur on Sundays or Holidays. Move into, out of, or within the Colonies requires prior written permission and proof of ownership or tenancy.

Elevator pads must be used and may be picked up at the guard house. Additionally, an elevator key used to hold the door open may be picked up at the guard house. Security or management staff will do a pre-inspection and a post-inspection of the building.

All moving must occur through the garage and not through the lobby. Access to the garage or parking spaces for other vehicles may not be impeded. The stairwells at the ends of each building are easier to use than the middle stairwell (they have less turns).

Move-in Fees and Hours

$200.00 Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
$400.00 on Saturdays, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Move-ins on Sunday are not permitted.
There is no fee for moving out.


Security Team

The security team is on premises 24/7. They may be contacted at (703) 790-8730 or by visiting the guard house. The guard house is located on Provincial Drive at the front gate entrance accessible via Old Meadow Road.

Gated Community

The Colonies is a gated community. All gates are operated by a gate reader sticker distributed by the office staff. There are two back entrances that are only usable with a gate reader sticker. Guests must enter through the front gate checking in with security.

Call Box

Each resident building has a call box located in the lobby.

If you need to add or update a phone number entered into the call boxes, please send an email with your name, unit/building number, and telephone number (including area code) to [email protected] We are only able to have one telephone number per unit.

Call Box Instructions:
  • Your guest will approach the callbox and dial your three-digit unit number, or they can scroll until they find your last name and hit call.
  • Once you receive the call and identify the caller, you will press 9 on your phone to open the door to grant them access. The system will respond with a confirmation tone.
  • If you would like to deny access to a caller, then press # symbol or simply hang up.

Assessment and Fees

Monthly Assessment

The 2021 monthly condo fee is $598. This rate will remain in effect through December 2021. Any changes to that amount will be announced when the Board approves the annual budget in December.

The assessment is due on the first day of each month and is payable at The Colonies Administrative office or on the Owner Portal. Additional charges will be levied on payments received after the tenth day of the month when due.


Other Fees

Key copies for buildings, units, clubhouse, storage and mailboxes are $5.00 each.
Elevator keys are $100 each, which is non-refundable.
Gate passes are $10 each.
Lock-out fee is $50 (Note: during business hours you may sign your unit key out to avoid this fee).
Jumpstart fee is $25.
Replacement Facilities Pass is $5.
Resale Package is $125 (electronic delivery); $150 (hardcopy).
Return Check Fee is $50.


Your HOA fees include water/sewer, trash, and recycling. Electricity is paid by the resident (Dominion Energy). There is no gas in the buildings.

In-Unit Maintenance Work

Maintenance Work

To request maintenance work, log onto the Owner Portal and submit a ticket.

$45 per 1/2 hour per person.
$60 per hour per person.
Major appliances at cost plus 15% mark-up for handling. Parts and materials at cost plus 25% mark-up for handling. (Note: Special orders include a $15 fee).
$90 Minimum Charge per emergency maintenance calls after office hours, weekends, and holidays.

An In-Unit Service is basically a handyman type of service provided by the maintenance staff. Below is a list of in-unit services:

Heat,Vent, AC Plumbing
Replace Filter
Install Algae Tablets
Clean Coils & Condensation Hose
Replace Fuses & Breaker
Check/Repalce Thermostat
Replace/rebuild toilet fixtures
Replace Stems
Replace Washers Seats
Replace Sink & Tub Stoppers
Unclog Dishwasher hoses
Unclog toilets, drains
Unclog Disposals
Minor Electrical Miscellaneous Repairs
Replace receptacles
Replace Switches/breaker
Replace light bulbs/fuses
Windows (Glass, Balancers)
Window Screens
Hang Pictures
Shower Stall (Doors Rods)
Caulking (No Grouting)

These services may change at the discretion of Management. Please contact the Office for details.

Pest Control

The Colonies has a contract with a leading private pest control firm to address rodents and insects in the common elements and in individual condominium units. If you see rodents around your building or you see insects in the building, please call the Administration Office for this free service.

Tips for Maintaining your Unit


Original Colonies Aluminum Windows:

  1. Remove the rubber stopper from the top of the slide then slide the window all the way up.
  2. Push the window upwards and towards the left or right; the other side should swing free from its tracks.
  3. The window may be replaced by shoving one end back into place at the top of the window and swinging the free end back into its tracks. Only the bottom (or inside) window may be removed.
  4. You can remove the screens by pulling the two metal clasps and tugging inward; the screen will come loose only if the inside window has been removed. Do NOT force the screens as they will easily bend and break.

Double-Hung White Vinyl Tilt-In Windows:

  1. Unlock the window.
  2. Raise the bottom sash up slightly.
  3. Pull down the clips at the top of the window track until they click.
  4. Tilt the window to clean.
  5. Lay the clean side down all the way to the sill, and push clips back up to the top.
  6. Lower the top sash slightly and push its inside clips toward the center of the window to release it
  7. Pull the window down and tilt it out for cleaning.
  8. Push the top sash closed. Pull down slightly until it clicks before pushing back up.
  9. Push bottom sash back in and pull down slowly until it clicks.
  10. Close the bottom sash the rest of the way and lock your window.


Each unit has a master circuit breaker located in the kitchen. If you overload your unit's electrical system, the fuse box is designed to trip automatically, shutting off electricity to the affected area.


The master on/off faucet for your unit is located near your hot water heater. All of the water to your unit may be shut off by turning the faucet off.
You should be especially careful when the temperatures drop well below freezing; a lot of pipes burst during the winter months making life miserable for all. When it really gets cold we suggest you pour a cup of anti-freeze or a salt solution into your sinks, tub or shower to keep the pipes from freezing. All units are affected-even third floor ones! In fact, most damage is caused by second and third floor pipes freezing, bursting, and flooding units below; when first floor pipes burst, they flood the basement (garage). If you go off on a winter vacation, be sure to set your thermostat at 60°F to prevent your water pipes from freezing.
As a co-owner, you may be responsible for water damage to surrounding units and/or common areas if you have a leak and destroy the ceiling or contents of the unit(s) below.


It is important to remember to clean/replace the air filter and drainage tube. If the filter and hose are not changed/cleaned regularly, this may lead to flooding.
Begin by unlatching the clips holding the metal plate, then remove the plate. Slide the horsehair air filter out and soak it thoroughly in your bathtub with hot water (or discard and replace it with a fiber-glass filter). While the horsehair filter is soaking, remove the plastic tubing from the drip spout by tugging it downward and unhook the other end by unscrewing the clip or bolt. Take out the plastic drainage tube and clean out the algae that has grown inside the tube. Follow the basic procedures for re-assembling the unit.


Your hot water heater is a major source of electricity. There are two thermostats which regulate the heat in the unit. Both should be set to the same temperature. The thermostats may be set at the recommended range of 120°F to 140°F to conserve electricity; otherwise both should be set over 140°F. Be sure to remember to turn off electricity before attempting to work on your hot-water heater.
Begin by unlatching the clips holding the metal plate, then remove the plate. Slide the horsehair air filter out and soak it thoroughly in your bathtub with hot water (or discard and replace it with a fiber-glass filter). While the horsehair filter is soaking, remove the plastic tubing from the drip spout by tugging it downward and unhook the other end by unscrewing the clip or bolt. Take out the plastic drainage tube and clean out the algae that has grown inside the tube. Follow the basic procedures for re-assembling the unit.

Renovations and Deliveries


As a co-owner you are free to change the interior of your unit. As a general policy, it is suggested each co-owner review any proposed changes with the Chief Engineer to ensure that no other unit is affected, that the structural integrity of the building is not damaged, and that all work conforms to local building codes. The following are a few guidelines which must be followed when making changes to the inside of your condominium:

  • Interior partitions may NOT be removed or altered without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  • All work must be performed in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.
  • Prior approval must be obtained from the General Manager if it is necessary to interrupt services to other units.
  • All debris must be properly removed.
  • The exterior appearance of entrance doors to units shall not be changed without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors.

Construction is not permitted before 8 AM or after 5 PM and during weekends and holidays. This does not preclude repairs deemed as an emergency.


Deliveries are not permitted on Sundays and holidays, before 10 AM or after 7 PM on Saturdays, or before 8 AM or after 7 PM Monday-Friday.

The Council of Co-Owners and its employees and agents are not authorized to accept packages, keys, etc.

All large deliveries must go through the garage and not the lobby.

Window Renovations

On the Owner Portal there is a list of approved window installers. If you select one of these companies, a letter from the co-owner stating the company you selected and that "No architectural changes will be made." You may order the windows and this will be ratified at the next Board Meeting. If another company is selected then the following will be needed for ratification prior to the next Board Meeting: specifications, company's certificate of insurance, and a letter from co-owner requesting approval.

Leasing and Reselling


The Administrative Office does NOT offer any real estate services.

Your lease document must be presented for Board approval several days prior to the move. Our Colonies Documents require that certain terminology must be incorporated in your lease documents. For your convenience, requirements are listed on the Owner Portal.

All leases shall be for a minimum period of one year (12 months) and sub-leases are prohibited.

Resale Packet

The package is only valid for 60 days and is $125 (electronic delivery); $150 (hardcopy) per package.

Navigating the Owner Portal

Owner Portal Registration

Follow the instructions in the attachment using the unique registration code provided by the office to register for the Owner Portal.
Owner Portal Registration Form

Owner Portal Overview

The Owner Portal may be accessed by clicking "Owner Portal" in the top right corner of The Colonies homepage. You may view online ledgers, submit payments, request maintenance work, access documents and forms, etc. on the Owner Portal. Click the attachment for instructions.
Owner Portal Overview



Please complete the pet registration form and submit to the office for approval.

Registrations occur every year in January.

Dogs are $35.00 a year and cats are $10.
Pet Registration Form


The Colonies Policy Resolution I-B-8 details pet rules and regulations.

Dogs must be leashed. Pets are not permitted in building elevators or lobbies (exceptions may be petitioned to the Board).

Co-owners are required to clean up after their pets. Receptacles are located throughout the community for convenience.



Vehicles of co-owners and residents must display a Colonies parking sticker.

Each unit is assigned one garage parking spot as per their deed (exception is select W-sized units which are deeded two spaces). There is open parking in front of the buildings and throughout the property.

Recreational vehicle parking is located between building 10 and 13.

Washing your Vehicle

Vehicles may be washed from April through November in the back of the parking lot of Building 4, parking lots between Buildings 13 and 14, and between Buildings 7 and 9. Residents may obtain the necessary outside water faucet handle (faucets are attached to the buildings) by presenting their valid Colonies Facilities Pass to the Security Gate attendant.  

Board and Committees

Board Members

You may contact our Board of Directors via the Board email: [email protected]

Meetings and Election Information

The Board typically meets once a month and all residents are welcome to come. The first portion of each meeting is an Owner's Forum for anyone to ask a question, voice a concern, or make a suggestion.

The annual meeting is held the first two weeks of May every year. Board of Directors members are elected for a two-year term.


Some of the best ideas for managing The Colonies, or for making our community more attractive or enjoyable, come from owners or residents. The committee system provides a means for new ideas to be proposed, coordinated, evaluated, and submitted to the Board of Directors for a decision.

The Social Committee is charged with all recreational and social activities for all residents and non-resident owners.

The Covenants Committee is charged with reviewing, revising and enforcing The Colonies’ documents and rules, as well as adjudication of disputes.

The Landscape, Amenities, Buildings, and Safety (LABS) is charged with advising and assisting the Board of Directors with respect to the three categories of interest spelled out in the title.

The Finance and Insurance Committee (F&I) serves as an advisory group to the Board of Directors, working closely with our Management office to monitor The Colonies finances. It is charged with developing a comprehensive budget, in cooperation with management and other Committees, and with holding a public hearing late each year so that owners may be aware of proposed budget details.

The Property Value Committee has the responsibility of advising the Board of Directors as to the relative status of our property values, compared to other nearby real estate, and to provide recommendations to the Board as to measures designed to enhance Colonies property values and improve our public image.

A Nominating Committee and an Election Committee – neither one of them a full-time standing committee – are brought into being each year. The Nominating Committee selects and recommends possible candidates to stand for election to the Board of Directors, while the Election Committee supervises the actual elections.

The Tysons Corner Area Awareness Committee (TCAA) attends local Tysons District and Fairfax County Providence District meetings and events as representatives of The Colonies. Topics include development, land use, transportation, education, and members would help keep The Colonies community informed by providing details of the events.